Maryellen’s Outfit Winner!

   Today’s the day! Time to announce the winner of Maryellen’s School Outfit Giveaway! The blog is growing and I couldn’t be more proud! Dandridge House Dolls has almost hit 4,000 views in it’s first 4 months and has had viewers from 16 countries. Subscribers are signing up and I just love having each one of you here! I so enjoy the comments and the wonderful things you say about DHD on Instagram and Facebook. You guys are so awesome! 😊

I have more giveaways planned for the next few months. I am so excited about this guys! In October I will be giving away a historical Mini Doll and in November I will announce the giveaway of a full size 18” Historical Doll!!! 💗 Christmas is my most favorite time of year, so I want to bless one of my subscribers with a historical doll for their collection to be mailed to them the first week of December! 🎄 Which doll do you hope it might be? Comment below which doll you are dreaming of for your collection. 💗 If you don’t know all of the historical girls you can read a brief bio on each one at Meet the Historical Dolls.

So without further a-due, the winner! I assigned each email follower a number and placed those numbers in a random counter on the computer. The number it spit out was Subscriber 20, I contacted the winner through email to make sure they were 18 years or older and a US or Canadian resident. The winner is…

Ana C. from North Carolina has won Maryellen’s School Outfit! She is an adult collector. Congratulations Ana!


The original giveaway post will be updated and I would love it if the winner would leave a comment on the post when they receive their prize! ❤️

14 thoughts on “Maryellen’s Outfit Winner!

  1. Congrats to the winner! I’m so excited to be a member of your blog! It looks so cool!! A historical girl I hope to add to my collection is Beforever Addy. I also love MaryEllen and Rebecca but I’m looking to add more doll of colour to my collection and I love Addy’s full and gorgeous hair. 😍😍
    Question: if we are not 18 but have our parents’ permission may we enter future giveaways?
    (I am 17.)

    — Nicole, from Canada
    daisiesofmanhattan on instagram

    • I am so happy you are here Nicole! Addy is such a beautiful girl! As you can tell by my posts in the Living Little category, I love Addy. I hope to showcase her collection here soon!

      Yes, you can enter! I can’t legally ask a “child” for their address, so they must have a guardian’s permission. All subscribers are entered into all giveaways, if your email is chosen, I will contact you and ask if you have parents permission. That’s all. 😉
      Thanks for joining me on my doll journey!

  2. Congrat to the winner and you’ve won an amazing prize.

    I would love to own Rebecca or Ruth. Both are gorgeous but Ruth is so photogenic.
    Looking forward to what you have in store in the coming months.
    fox.scottagecreations on Instagram

  3. I would really like to add Nanea to my collection. She’s a beautiful doll from one of my favorite time periods in American history.

  4. Congrats to Ana C! I’ve wanted Rebeccever since her original debut. But now I love Nanea, too! Making a choice is so HARD. 🌹 😉♥️

  5. How did I not see this till now?! 😂😅 Probably because my phone got so full I stopped getting my notifications lol THANK YOU SO MUCH AMY!! I looooove Maryellen’s dress!! Also thank you everyone else you are all so sweet! 😍 I will take pictures of the dress on a trip to my grandmother’s house with my mom and it is perfect since my mom grew up in Maryellen’s time 😆 The historical doll I’d love to add to my collection is Maryellen 😁💕 Thanks again Amy! You and your blog are the best! 😘💞

  6. Congrats to Anna on her School Dress win! I could not resist the enticement to win an historical doll in a November drawing…so I am entering! I would REALLY enjoy winning Nanea. Having lived on Oahu, Hawaii as a young girl, I have many fond memories of the time spent there (4&1/2 years). From walking through an orchid garden, to swimming at Waikiki beach, to feasting at a luau, to cane pole fishing for Bluegill at the Reservoir, Nanea brings it all back! Thank you so much, for the opportunity, Dandridge House Dolls!!!

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