Addy’s Shortbread

   In Addy's day many people couldn't read so recipes weren't always something written down but passed down from generation to generation by word of mouth. This shortbread recipe is something Mama would have taught Addy to make and Addy would have passed it to her daughter. Cookbooks in the 1860's aren't like our modern … Continue reading Addy’s Shortbread

Felicity’s Almond Tarts

   Need a recipe for tea time?  Felicity attended lessons at her teacher Miss Manderly's home. She was taught sewing, handwriting and most importantly patience. Felicity also learned how to properly serve and take tea. Miss Manderly served a variety of treats to her young pupils but Queen Cakes and Almond Tarts were Felicity's favorites. The recipe calls … Continue reading Felicity’s Almond Tarts

Kirsten‘s Pepparkakor Cookies

   This pepparkakor cookie recipe is absolutely wonderful! Pepparkakor cookies are a Swedish spice cookie that can be baked throughout the year but are especially popular at Christmas. Traditionally they were cut into hearts, stars, people or animals and were sometimes hung as Christmas decorations. 🎄 To me, pepparkakor cookies are a cross between gingerbread and … Continue reading Kirsten‘s Pepparkakor Cookies