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Welcome to Kit’s Attic Bedroom! The Kit book series takes place during the Great Depression and due to financial strain the family takes on borders to make ends meet. Kit is moved into the attic so her parents can rent out her bedroom. At first Kit isn’t excited about the changes but in the end she enjoyed getting to know all of the borders. This is my interpretation of Kit’s attic bedroom.

Kit’s room was one of the first rooms I created but never completely finished because I just didn’t feel it was right so I started over. Let me walk you through from the beginning. The room is 25” tall, 22.5” deep and 39” wide. The base cabinet is an IKEA Pax closet system and is divided into three rooms with top “floor” being the attic, the middle being Kit’s Kitchen and the bottom was the original Kirsten’s Cabin but has been remade as a third space for Kit (her collection is too adorable to not display it all 😉).

On my first attempt at the room, Hubs lined the three walls of the room with thin plywood and added lattice strips to create more of a wood look for the walls. We laid vinyl peel-and-stick faux hardwood parquet as the flooring. After staring at it for months,  I realized that it was too “new construction” looking and the thin lattice didn’t work. We removed the lattice and I used brown craft paint to make the plywood look more aged.

The room still needed dimension and we decided that “2×4 studs” would help it look more authentic. The Hubs cut section after section of parting stop to create little framing studs and I rubbed each one down with craft paint before install. Using the leftover lattice strips, Hubs made three little shelves that fit between the studs for a bit of deeper storage on each wall. These shelves are holding Kit’s school supplies, baseball and glove and camera with film.

When adding Kit’s furniture pieces, I tried them in many different layouts to see what I preferred and like the current configuration best. In an AG furniture lot I purchased on eBay I acquired a little dresser from the Angelina Ballerina collection. The dresser was missing pulls so I added little unfinished wooden ones and painted them to match Kit’s bed. I think it makes a great little accessory table.

Kit’s nightstand, lamp and Robin Hood book sit next to the bed with her rug on the floor. Kit’s collection has two different versions of beds and three different versions of bedding but the originals have always been my favorite.


Above Kit’s bed I hung photos from her photography set on bakers twine with mini clothes pins. I found pictures of Amelia Earhart and President Roosevelt online, sized them to doll size and placed them around the room.

I searched for 1930’s calendars and found one that I sized and used to create a wall calendar for the room. The small trunk on the floor is from Hobby Lobby and is holding Kit’s newspapers and a little dog figure. The little basket at the foot of the bed is from Felicity’s Shrewsbury Cake Kit that I received damaged and thought it could still be useful for Kit.

Around the room are pieces from Kit’s collection and little trinkets sitting on the wall studs. My great aunt (who was like a grandmother to me), had a wot-not shelf that she had added to for decades. When at her house as a child, I used to stare at all the little pieces with such curiosity. I received the contents of the shelf when she passed and decided to place these little treasures throughout many of the dollhouse rooms.  For Kit’s room I chose two little dogs and some tiny chickens because both appear in her story.

I found a little harmonica keychain that is perfectly doll sized and it fits perfectly on one of the studs. Kit’s red sweater hangs on a small command hook and helps add color to the room. The roll top desk holds pieces from Kit’s collection plus a few other items I found over the years.

I hope you enjoyed Kit’s Attic Bedroom as much as Kit and Ruthie do! It’s fast becoming one of my personal favorites. 😊 To see more historical doll rooms check these out:  Molly’s Bedroom, Julie’s Room, Addy’s Bedroom, Samantha’s Bedroom, Rebecca’s Parlor  and Maryellen’s 1950s Diner.




13 thoughts on “Kit’s Attic Bedroom

  1. Kit’s bedroom is so fun, something about the attic space and having to work with what you could find always captures my imaginaton.

    • Thanks! I agree, when it comes to the attic there are no wrong choices because who knows what you’d find up there. 😀 Thanks for visiting the blog!

  2. What a delight to see Kit’s attic bedroom.

    Loved that you could use some of your Great Aunt’s momentos…
    it makes it even more special!

    Thanks for posting.
    It makes a lovely way to start the Christmas season!

    • Thanks Lauren! My family went through a long season of grief but I’m hoping to post regularly again. Thanks for the kind words! ❤️

  3. My love is Kit and all things Kit! With your inspiring photos and information, I have measured all of my accessories and have begun to draw my room plans. Thank you for sharing and for your kindness.

    • I adore Kit! 💗 I am so happy to hear this and glad the post was helpful! You will have so much fun! 😊

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