Kit’s Kitchen

   Welcome to Kit’s Kitchen! Kit Kittredge has some of the cutest stuff and I created this kitchen just to have an excuse to buy her stove and wash day set. 😂 Kit’s books are based during the Great Depression. When her father loses his job, the family takes in boarders so they won’t lose their home. At first Kit is disgruntled about all of the people in her home, but comes to see that they are all interesting people. I can imagine the Kittredge kitchen was a busy place!


Kit’s kitchen is 25” tall, 22.5” deep and 39” wide. I used an IKEA Pax closet system as my base cabinet. For more detailed information and dimensions on the specific one I used, please see Kirsten’s Cabin.

When Kit’s parents took on boarders, she was moved out of her room and to the attic. The dollhouse room above the kitchen is Kit’s Attic Bedroom.


Kit’s Kitchen

I started with peel-and-stick vinyl flooring for the faux hardwood floors. Next, I wallpapered the top half of the room with a roll of decorative paper from the craft store. I thought the lemon pattern would be vintage and fun! My husband cut bead board to the appropriate height and width. He created the chair rail and base with pieces of trim.

The open cabinets are little drawers. I removed the knobs and used a nail gun to attach them to the walls. The flour, sugar, baking soda, rolling-pin and sifter are all from Kit’s Holiday Baking Set. The tea and glasses are from Rebecca’s Teatime Traditions Set. The cookie cutters are duplicates I had from Felicity’s Shrewsbury Cake Kit. I found the grater, metal pitcher, muffin bowl and baking dishes (ring holders) in the seasonal section at Hobby Lobby.

I wanted a large farmhouse sink. I found a jewelry box that was the perfect shape but a little short. I glued some pegs onto the feet to get the appropriate height and painted everything white. I ordered a sink paperclip holder, but it looked dinky on the counter. I found a soap dish that reminded me of a farm sink and hot glued the faucet and handles from the paperclip holder to it. I use pillow fluff as soap suds when Kit is washing the dirty dishes. 😉


Kit’s washing the dishes.

The drop leaf table and chairs are Molly’s Pleasant Company set. I printed off pictures of vintage fruit and a backyard scene for the framed artwork and the window.

My hubby cut some trim to make the little laundry shelf. I placed the vintage washer in one corner and the ironing board with drying rack in the other. These are from Kit’s Wash Day Set, along with her apron and the iron. She just pulls them out of the corners on wash day. 😊


Make sure to get the wrinkles out Kit!

In the Kit books, a woman who rents a room has a little boy named Stirling. When American Girl released the newest Truly Me Dolls in January 2018, they added four boys to the line. I immediately saw Truly #74 and thought he’d make the perfect Stirling! I purchased him on my trip to American Girl Place Chicago. Stirling is having breakfast with Kit and wearing the retired Hobo Outfit.

I love Kit’s little kitchen and I hope you have enjoyed it too! My historical dollhouse is filling up and I love that every doll is finding her place. 😊


To see more historical rooms in my doll house visit these posts: Kirsten’s Cabin, Addy in Mrs. Ford’s Dress Shop, Maryellen’s 1950s Diner and Addy’s Parlor. To see this room decked out for Christmas visit Kit’s Christmas Kitchen.

6 thoughts on “Kit’s Kitchen

  1. Fantastic! Every detail is wonderful and makes me feel like I am in a room from my younger years. I actually have the tub part of my grandmother wringer washer in my dining. It is wonderful copper but sadly the wringer part broke (many many years ago) and she tossed it out. I used to have a miniature business and loved making them. Scale is not a easy thing to learn but so far everything looks great.

    • Thank you! That is so neat that you have an old washer! Yes, scale can be tough to get. Some of the actual American Girl brand items seem a little big for the dolls, but it’s all adorable!

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