Addy in Mrs. Ford’s Dress Shop

   I adore Addy! Everything about her story, her collection and the doll herself! Addy’s collection is one of my favorites. I have spent years acquiring her original Pleasant Company collection. I have almost completed it with the exception of a few pieces. Addy has some large pieces, so I decided to make her two separate rooms, then that grew to three. 😉 I decided to buy a Pax closet system from IKEA, and use two add-on shelves, making three “rooms” in one cabinet. (For more details and room dimensions, see Addy’s Bedroom)


Mrs. Ford’s Dress Shop

Whenever I think of Addy’s story, I always think of Mrs. Ford’s Dress Shop. In the books, after Addy and mama make their run for freedom, they live in a room above the shop. Mama works for Mrs. Ford sewing. This is what I imagine the shop to look like in 1864. Above this room is Addy’s Bedroom and beneath it is Addy’s Parlor.


The walls are covered in textured card stock, and paneled with 1” x 4” pine beaded plank. My husband purchased 6’ strips and cut them to size, it cost about $15. Using two different size pieces of trim, he cut two shelves for fabric and smaller pieces to be the “bolts” for material. I searched for “old timey” fabrics in the bargain bin at the craft store and had as little cut as possible. I did buy full priced fabric for the curtains, but used a coupon. In total, the material in the shop cost about $7. The windows are cut from the same molding that cap off the paneling, and the curtain rods are thin dowel rods with caps. I printed off two of the same picture, but used different halves. This way, it’s the same view, but from different angles.

 The rug is a place mat and the work table is a step stool. Two of Addy’s hats from her collection, hang on the wall. The dress form is Pleasant Company from way back, and the dress is one of Addy’s. The chalkboard is a spare one I had from Kirsten’s School Set. The tin photos on the wall are lids to containers I found. The sewing machine was a Christmas ornament. 

The cubed shelves are planters for air plants turned on their side. To fill them, I tried to find anything tiny that might be in a dress shop; miniature buttons, small straight pins, scissors and tiny wooden spools that I wrapped thread around. Also, in the shelves are Addy’s ribbons and pin cushion. On a hook are the shop keys. 

The floor is peel-and-stick vinyl flooring. On the floor are crates with fabric, mini yardsticks, boxes for customer orders and Addy’s Bandbox from her Winter Collection. I found some tissue paper that mimics old newsprint and it’s perfect to wrap up purchases. Addy is the perfect helper and loves spending time in the dress shop!

I just love the way it turned out and I hope you enjoy it as well. 


Addy’s wrapping up an order.


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  1. Do you create rooms to sell to others? I would love to order the Addy rooms you created. They are just wonderful!!

    • You just made my day! 😁 I do not sell them. I try to give people as much detail as I can, to help or inspire them to create one. Thank you so much!

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