Addy’s Parlor

   Addy has a beautiful collection! I have spent years acquiring her original Pleasant Company pieces. In Addy’s stories, she lives in many places. Once Papa finds her and Mama in Philadelphia, after he was freed from slavery, they move into a boarding house. The house is owned and operated by an elderly couple, Mr. and Mrs. Golden. While living there, Addy celebrates her 10th birthday. This is my interpretation of the boarding house parlor.


The cabinet or shell, is an IKEA PAX closet system. My husband and I have decided that this is the best option for us. The unit I chose is 78” tall and 39” wide and cost $90, I added on 2 adjustable shelves at $15 each. In this one unit there are three separate “rooms” stacked on top of each other. I have made this entire PAX all Addy rooms. Each “room” is 25” tall and 22.5” deep. Above the Parlor is  Addy in Mrs. Ford’s Dress Shop and above that is Addy’s Bedroom.


We used faux hardwood peel-and-stick vinyl for the flooring. The walls are covered in floral 12×12 scrapbook paper that I thought suited the room well. The bottom half of the room is paneled with 1” x 4” pine beaded plank. My husband purchased 6’ strips and cut them to size, it cost about $15. I rubbed brown craft paint on it and immediately wiped it off to create the stained appearance.  He cut trim to the appropriate length to cap off the paneling for a nice finished look. It was also used to make the windows. Using lattice, he cut shelves for display and storage. On the shelves are small jars and Mr. and Mrs. Golden’s picture. I copied it from the Addy books. Addy’s Gardening Set sits in the corner.

I wanted a large dining room hutch but couldn’t find exactly what I wanted, so I made it! I found an old jewelry box on a resell site for $3 and used it as the base. At a thrift store I found a spice cabinet for $5 and removed the drawer. I spray painted everything black to match Addy’s chairs. I filled it with extra food I had and Addy’s Sweet Potato Pudding set. The white and wooden bowls are prep bowls for cooking. The teapot is from Rebecca’s collection and the lantern is from the National Trails Museum gift shop when I visited for my story Josefina on the Santa Fe Trail.

For Addy’s side table I bought an old jewelry box for $2 and painted it black also. I placed the same scrapbook paper I used for the walls over the glass. The working lantern is a Christmas ornament and the clock is from Hobby Lobby.


In the past, it was not uncommon to hang the President’s picture in your home. In Addy’s time of 1864, Abraham Lincoln was president and in 1862, he had signed the Emancipation Proclamation freeing all enslaved people. I thought it would be fitting for the Golden’s to hang Lincoln’s portrait in their parlor. I just googled his image, printed off the one I liked and framed it.

Addy has a beautiful table and it is set with her birthday dishes. I chose a round placemat for the rug underneath the table. For her birthday, her family served pie and made ice cream. The Ice King churn and recipe card is from Addy’s collection.

Addy’s best friend in her books is Sarah Moore. American Girl never created a doll to be Addy’s best friend, so I use Truly Me 31 to be Sarah. The girls are enjoying their treats and the newly completed parlor.

After a long day of fun and friendship, Addy blows out the candles and heads to bed. Good night Addy.


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13 thoughts on “Addy’s Parlor

  1. I adore ADORE this room!!! Just like all your rooms! Thank you for sharing how you create such pretty scenes! I love it! You inspire me! 💕

  2. Beautiful. Your designs are quite appealing. My wife gave me the link to your Addy page and asked if I could find the shelf unit like you describe. Probably overlooking it, but I could not find it. Would you please provide the IKEA Article Number for the wardrobe you are using? I have not been able to find any PAX wardrobes without doors. Thank you for your time.

    • Thank you very much! I completely understand, IKEA’s website can be hard to search. For this particular room I used PAX Wardrobe Frame – Article Number: 202.145.66
      I use different sizes for different rooms. Next month I will reveal a larger one. 😊 Thanks for stopping by!

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  4. This is AMAZING!! I can’t wait to start my doll rooms. I am trying to decide if I should get the Pax or wasn’t there one that was 24 inches deep?

    • Yay! I’m so glad you are starting rooms! 👏🏼 I don’t remember if there is a 24” deep one, but that would be nice! In mine, the beds go to the edge but still fit, that was my concern. Let me know what you end up buying!😀

  5. Absolutely LOVE this! I found a Kaya doll in her blue tribal dress for $4.50 at our local thrift store. Because she doesn’t show teeth, a tribal custom, she escaped being recognized as an American Girl doll. Also found Samantha at the same store for about half of her avg. EBay price. With three granddaughters, I’m constantly seeking ideas like yours!

    • Thank you! ❤️ The room is all done with the exception of hubs needing to make a couple of shelves for the walls. I’m hoping September will be the month! 😉 I have 4 historical rooms almost ready to go and hope to get them all on this fall before the Christmas decorating begins! 🤗 Thanks for being here! ❤️

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