Christmas in Addy’s Bedroom

   Merry Christmas everyone! The dollhouse is beginning to look very festive as each room is getting decked out for the holidays. Addy’s little bedroom is Christmas-ready, so let’s take a peek.

In the first half of Addy’s story, she and mama lived in a small garret above Mrs. Ford’s Dress Shop. At this point in the story they wouldn’t have had money for a Christmas tree, decorations or candles to light a tree. I really wanted to decorate the room for Christmas but also wanted to keep it somewhat authentic to the story, so here is my version of Addy’s simple little Christmas.

I started with a 12 pack of mini garland from the Dollar Tree and placed a piece on each of Addy’s shelves. This garland is the perfect addition to any holiday dollhouse. I also used the garland pieces to make a wreath to hang and an evergreen ring for the washstand.

The first Christmas trees began in Germany during the 16th century as a symbol of Jesus Christ’s birth and resurrection. Christmas trees came to America in the early 1800’s through traditions that immigrants brought with them to their new country. They became more common in homes as their popularity grew through the 1850’s and 1860’s. The first commercially sold trees were brought from forests to sell in cities in 1851.

I really wanted Addy to have a tree and in 1864 it would’ve been very popular, but mama and Addy would have never been able to afford one. To make my Christmas room work, I like to pretend that the man selling trees in the city let Addy take home the last little table-top tree that didn’t sell on Christmas Eve. After the empty tree wagon pulled away, Addy picked up the evergreen pieces that had fallen to use as garland to decorate the garret. She thought the Christmas decorations would be a wonderful surprise for mama. As mama worked in Mrs. Ford’s Dress Shop, Addy and her best friend Sarah snuck the tree and garland up to the garret. 😊

For tree decorations I used pinecones and strung mini spools of thread on baker’s twine. I think empty spools of thread from the dress shop below would have been easily accessible for Addy. The tree topper is Christmas ribbon and I like to think Mrs. Ford allowed Addy to have some scraps to use as bows for her tree and wreath.

To add a little more Christmas decor to the room, I placed two stockings on pegs near the stove. The little garret is looking warm and festive! Addy admires her little table-top tree as she prepares the sweet potato casserole for Christmas Eve dinner.

Addy can’t wait for mama to come upstairs to see the Christmas surprise! Christmas is most special when you spend time thinking of others. It isn’t about how much you have or where you are, it’s about the people you spend it with and the love you give to them. Merry Christmas from Dandridge House Dolls!

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8 thoughts on “Christmas in Addy’s Bedroom

  1. Very cute! I have a small display cabinet in my living room that I display a doll in throughout the year. This year’s doll is going to be Addy, I am starting with her Christmas collection. I do not have as many Addy items as some of my other collections but I’m very excited to celebrate this special doll.

    I’m sorry to hear about your season of grief. Sending my best to you and your family.

    • Thank you! How fun to change your dolls out by year! Addy is a special doll with a special story, glad to hear this is her year.😊

      Thank you for the kind words. They are appreciated. ❤

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