Doll House Christmas 2019

  Each year I decorate the doll rooms for Christmas, and each Christmas there are a few new rooms to decorate that have been completed that year. As I get out the decorations and buy new ones, I try different things here and there. This post is just a collection of pictures of what the old dollhouse rooms look like this Christmas season. Enjoy!

Emma’s Bedroom: When getting out the ornaments this year for Emma’s room, I really did not care for the black ones. I placed them on the tree and they appeared harsh. Last year I liked them, but not anymore. I started over with gold and red. It’s a little more glamorous and like it a lot better! Emma’s books were replaced with books that have red or green spines only. Her packages are wrapped boxes instead of the dollar store ornaments. To see the original post visit Emma’s Room: Christmas Edition.


Emma and Ella’s Walk-in-Closet: The closet doesn’t really have any room for decorations and because it’s so brightly wall-papered there’s not a lot of options. I just added a little sparkle to the shelves. To see the post visit: Emma & Ella’s Walk-In Closet.

Kit’s Kitchen: This past year I got a steal of a deal! When I travel, I always check Facebook Market Place for local AG items in that area, sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn’t. This summer I was able to buy Kit’s Waffle Iron Set, complete Christmas Outfit and her Amelia Earhart Doll with boxes for $50! Happy dance! (Usually just the waffle iron set sells for well over $100.) Check out the waffle iron’s plug in! I can barely stand the cuteness!

I didn’t really change much in this room, just wanted to share Kit’s Christmas story items since I didn’t have them last year. To see Kit’s Kitchen last season visit: Kit’s Christmas Kitchen.


Kirsten’s Cabin: There are just a few changes in the cabin this season. I have always wanted authentic straw ornaments for Kirsten’s tree but hadn’t found any until this year. Traditionally, Swedish families decorate for Christmas using straw to remind themselves that Jesus was born in a manger.


Along with the straw ornaments, I found a little Swedish style house ornament from World Market. I unscrewed the hook from the top and now it is a toy that Papa made Kirsten as a Christmas gift. I found little burlap gift bags on clearance after Christmas last year and they are now holding the Larson children’s presents. 😉

Another item I did not have last Christmastide was Kirsten’s Saint Lucia crown. I’m happy to now complete her holiday outfit. Saint Lucia’s Day is a celebration on December 13th to remember a young girl that was martyred (murdered for her faith). As monks brought Christianity to Sweden, they would tell the story of Saint Lucia. In 304 AD, Christians living in Rome were being killed because of their faith in Christ and would hide and live under the city in catacombs. Saint Lucia was a young girl made into a saint after she was martyred because of her courage in secretly helping feed and care for the Christians in hiding. As she brought food, Saint Lucia wore a crown of candles on her head to light her way through the dark catacombs while keeping her hands free to carry things. The Swedish started a tradition of one daughter (around the age of 12) getting to play Saint Lucia. She would dress in white, a symbol that her sins had been washed away, with a red sash to remember the blood of martyrs. A crown of evergreen branches were placed on her head to symbolize eternal life and the candles were to represent the light of Christ lighting the dark world. She would arise early on December 13th, wake her family and serve them breakfast.

This is Kirsten’s last Christmas in this cabin. Her space will become a room for a different doll in the spring. Kirsten is moving to a much larger cabin. I want to incorporate some new ideas, have more space for Kirsten’s cousins in the cabin and be able to keep the bed in the cabin at Christmas time.

To see other Dandridge House Christmas rooms visit: Christmas in Maryellen’s DinerElla’s Room: Christmas EditionEmma’s Room: Christmas Edition, and Christmas in Kirsten’s Cabin.

From my home to yours, I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas Season celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ!

11 thoughts on “Doll House Christmas 2019

  1. Everything looks so shiney and bright! Last year I thought the black ornaments were fine because of the mix with gold. However, the red really steps up the festive factor this year. Good call.

    I did not know St. Lucia’s back story. Wow. Wonder if parents just concentrate on the symbolism without any back story details because that’s what I would do! Behind the new doll house and the jug is a brown book. Are the words Swedish?

    Another wonderful post!
    Happy Dollidays to you and yours from me and mine! 🎄

    • Thanks!

      Yes, the back story is very neat! No the book is Kirsten’s book from her Nighttime Necessities, it says “Parley’s Fables”.

      Thanks! Merry Christmas!

  2. I love all of the rooms. I love the history held in each one. Emma’s room is really sweet and her dress is darling.

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