Christmas in Mrs. Ford’s Dress Shop

   Welcome to Mrs. Ford’s Dress Shop! It’s ready for Christmas shoppers! Wouldn’t you love to bustle into this little shop and order a new dress for a Christmas ball? Flip through the pages of Godey’s Lady’s Book and choose the perfect style and fabric? Oh what fun that would be! To see the original post, visit Addy in Mrs. Ford’s Dress Shop.


One new piece to the shop since the original post, is the black sewing table. This summer, my Walmart cleared out almost every My Life brand set. The sewing room sets were on clearance for $9, so I bought 3. After spray painting this one black, (and loving it!) I went back for one more, and bought 3 because the were down to $5. 😂 So be prepared to see these tables everywhere in every color! 😉 I am using all the dress forms to showcase some of my rare outfits on a bookcase in the doll room.

I found the little tree after Christmas last year for $2. I only added a strand of beads and red bows as decorations. I made simple bows from a roll of red ribbon (dress shops would have a lot of ribbon 😉) and topped the tree, garland, wreath and newspaper bucket.

Using a $1 pack of garland pieces, I decked the wall and made the wreath. The red lantern is a Christmas ornament.

At Hobby Lobby I picked out all kinds of red and green fabrics and had a small amount of each cut. I also replaced the craft string spools with red and green. I did this to help bring in a subtle feeling of Christmas. Since I bought the fabric during the 40% off week, all fabric cost less than $3.



I hope you enjoyed the simple little decorations in the dress shop! Merry Christmas! To see more Christmas Dollhouse Rooms visit: Christmas in Kirsten’s CabinKit’s Christmas KitchenChristmas in Maryellen’s DinerElla’s Room: Christmas Edition and Emma’s Room: Christmas Edition.



8 thoughts on “Christmas in Mrs. Ford’s Dress Shop

  1. Unbelievable… that you made a plastic piece look like a genuine piece of wood furniture!
    Kid, you’re a genius!
    Merry Christmas!

    • 😂 Thanks! I spray paint EVERYTHING! Cheap solution to get a completely different look! 😊 Merry Christmas!🎄

  2. I love the painting of the my life stuff, it changes the look completely! Do you find it hard to spray paint the plastic stuff? I’ve always been curious but never tried it myself.

    • Not at all. The paint applied very well, I did leave it outside for hours until it completely dried. For that price, I felt I couldn’t go wrong! 😊 (Also, I use the kind made for plastic.)

  3. What a delightful room! I love that you have centered the colors around the colors in Addy’s dress. I will definitely head to Hobby Lobby at the end of the season to see what I can find for next year.

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