Christmas in Maryellen’s Diner

   The Seaside Diner is ready for Christmas! Come on in, order an eggnog shake and enjoy the festive decorations! For room dimensions or more pictures please visit the original post, Maryellen’s 1950s Diner.


This room started with a tree. Since aluminum Christmas trees made their debut in 1955, the diner just had to have one! Back then, you couldn’t put a string of lights on your tree because aluminum is a conductor of electricity. If you wanted lighting for your tree, you would need to purchase a floor-based light called a color wheel and place it under the tree to shine upwards. So no lights on this tree!

I found a strand of metallic beads that worked well with the color scheme in the tiny tree section at Hobby Lobby. I added candy canes and gum drops as the decorations. I purposely did not add a tree skirt because it might be hazardous to patrons walking by! 😉


I bought a strand of thin, silver tinsel from the dollar store and just went crazy! Using small silver hooks, I draped the tinsel from hook to hook. Colorful glass ornaments are hung from the tinsel to bring in more color.

I wrapped a piece of cheap, green garland with more of the silver tinsel to create a wreath for the kitchen. I also wrapped the actual diner with tinsel. I placed a little glass on the counter with more of the candy cane ornaments.

I hope you have enjoyed the Diner! Have a Merry Christmas! To see more Christmas dollhouse rooms visit: Kit’s Christmas KitchenChristmas in Kirsten’s Cabin, Ella’s Room: Christmas Edition, Emma’s Room: Christmas Edition.

8 thoughts on “Christmas in Maryellen’s Diner

  1. Well, I’ll take a (veggie) burger and fries with a cherry coke (chuckle). What fun! The diner is lovely all decked out for Christmas.

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