Emma & Ella’s Walk-In Closet

   A closet fit for…Twins! Emma and Ella are two Truly Me #61 dolls that I dress as twins. They made their blog debut last year when I visited American Girl Place Chicago. The hubs and I started a five-room modern dollhouse for them last year (that has now become six rooms 😉) and we have finally finished the top floor. The top floor consists of three rooms: Emma’s BedroomElla’s Bedroom and a shared walk-in-closet in the middle.


The closet is 28” tall x 30” wide x 22 1/2” deep. I used an IKEA Pax closet system as the frame. This particular Pax is 93” tall but is laying on its side. Using two add-on shelves, hubby cut doorways into them and nailed them into place from the top and bottom. The doorways lead into bedrooms for each Emma and Ella. 


Since each of the two bedrooms are calm and lightly colored, I decided to go bold in the closet! Big pattern and bright colors! I used vinyl paper in blue with big pink flowers as the wallpaper. Hubby trimmed out each doorway with lattice for molding.


I started the closet design with the American Girl storage tower at the center. I didn’t want to damage the tower with an attached clothes rack, so the hubs cut a thin piece of pine to simply lay on top of the tower. The hanging clothes rods are dowel rods I hung from hooks attached to the pine. Now if I ever want to remove the storage tower I can easily lift off the pine shelf with no damage to the tower.


When AG has a great sale or I attend the MCM Benefit Sale, I buy multiple of the same outfit so the twins can dress alike. This means the twins have a lot of SHOES! 😂 Using scrap wood the hubs cut out miniature stair risers and again used thin pine for the stair top and face. He made these to fit perfectly on each side of the middle tower. Since the twins have so many shoes, I added little bins from the Dollar Tree on the top shelf for more storage. Along with shoes, these drawers hold socks, undies and headbands.

Also, the top shelf is great for extra storage. Using Dollar Tree craft boxes, I added coordinating scrapbook paper for the appearance of hat boxes. The girls have shopping totes and hats along with a fan for each of their rooms. They also have shoes in boxes. I have always collected American Girl dolls and my husband has always collected shoes. He has as many pair of Nike basketball shoes as I have dolls. So Emma and Ella definitely needed some Nike’s. 😉 The Nike shoe boxes are gift card holders and are perfectly doll sized.


I framed black-and-white drawings of hairstyles for the wall art. Inside the shelves are quotes by Audrey Hepburn and Coco Channel. Each girl has a her own shelf. Emma’s accessories are classy and fun while Ella’s is loud and colorful. The lower shelves store folded clothes.


The flooring is a vinyl, faux hardwood and the chandelier is a locker light and adds a touch of fancy to the room.

With so many choices the girls have hard time deciding what to wear! I hope you have enjoyed visiting the closet! Visit the posts Emma’s Bedroom and Ella’s Bedroom to see photos and details on their rooms! 💗


14 thoughts on “Emma & Ella’s Walk-In Closet

  1. I really thought that was a closet for people! You and your hubs ( I call mine that, too!) did an amazingly realistic doll closet! Emma’s room was so good. Excited to see what you do for Ella. 💞

  2. This is so much fun! I love the little details throughout! Who knew a closet could have so much personality?!

    • Thank you! I have great fun😉, he is a good sport. Sometimes he gets tired of it all but I bribe him with new tools. He loves tools! 😂

  3. Wow! I want that closet for myself, it’s absolutely beautiful. I can’t wait to see Ella’s room.

  4. Wow, the closet is amazing! Your girls are very lucky. Everything is so well organized.
    I love the Starbucks bag. Did you make that?

    • Thank you so much! The Starbucks bag is a gift card holder I purchased at the store. Perfectly doll sized!

      • I wanted to let you know that I found the bag at Starbucks today. My doll daughters are already fighting over it. The store only had one. I will have to get another one fast if there is going to be peace in my house (laugh).

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