The Dollhouse Bathroom and Laundry Room

   Welcome to the dollhouse bathroom and laundry room! Recently I completed a very pink bathroom and a teeny, tiny laundry room for the dolls in the dollhouse. These rooms are part of the modern doll house I created for two identical dolls I call the twins, Emma and Ella. To make the dollhouse, I stacked two 93″ IKEA Pax’s on their sides and used the shelves that are purchased separately to act as the vertical walls and supports for the frame.

Like the rooms above the bathroom and laundry room, Hubs cut doorways and finished them out with tiny trim. There is a bathroom doorway that leads into the dollhouse laundry room, the other one continues on to the kitchen. To see the dollhouse rooms above these, visit Emma’s BedroomElla’s Bedroom and Emma & Ella’s Walk-In Closet.

Lets get started in the bathroom! I chose the width of the room based on the size of the American Girl tub I found secondhand for $20. The room is 19″ wide, 23″ deep and 29″ tall. I didn’t know how I wanted to decorate the room until I found this pink eyelash paper. This isn’t how I normally approach decorating a room, I tend to have a vision, decide what I want for a room and then start looking for everything to support that idea. Once I found this vinyl paper, I just wanted a girly pink bathroom!

After papering the back wall with the pink eyelash paper, I covered the side walls with a solid pink vinyl so the room wouldn’t get too busy. I chose a black, faux marble tile for the flooring but after laying it, I didn’t care for it at all or how it created a line in the doorway.  After tearing it out, I ran a faux hardwood throughout the entire floor of the house as one continuous floor. Once the new floor was laid, hubs added the door casing and base and it was time to decorate!

To acquire a toilet, I purchased the My Life bathroom set. 😉 I also really liked the vanity that came with it but did not care for the attached teal back wall, so I removed it and painted the cabinet pulls and faucet gold instead of the original gray. I found a black scroll mirror at the dollar store to use as a the vanity mirror. The towels are two wash clothes that I cut down to doll size. Using two eye hooks and a dowel rod painted gold, I created a towel rack. I purchased an acrylic make-up organizer (laying on its side) to act as bathroom shelving. I added a salt scrub, shampoo and lotion bottles from the American Girl Spa to the top and a pink AG rubber ducky, toothpaste and extra towels inside the cabinet.

For the wall art I printed off a large set of eyelashes and placed them in a gold frame above the tub. I cut a strip of girl figures from a piece of scrapbook paper, framed it and hung it above the toilet. I also had matching puffy stickers that I put in gold picture ornaments that I had purchased cheaply after Christmas. I like the way it came together and I think the dolls are pleased as well!😉

Now let’s look at the tiniest room I have ever created… the laundry room! This room is 23″ deep, 29″ tall but only 10.5″ wide, it’s small but gets the job done. 😂 When trying to lay out which room went where on this level of the dollhouse, I chose the laundry room to be the pass through to the bathroom because if reversed that would be awkward. 😂 It also seemed normal to have the laundry room off the kitchen just like in my own home.

I started on the back wall by adding stick-on faux subway tile and added a deep steel blue vinyl to the side walls. I purchased the My Life brand washer and dryer for the room but I did not care for the teal color. I gently removed the stickers and doors and painted the set gray to mimic stainless steel appliances, then added the stickers back with a little glue. The washer and dryer are very short in comparison to doll height so I decided to add a “stand” for them to sit on.

I wanted something with drawers but couldn’t find anything that worked. I ended up gluing three little wooden boxes together after painting them brown and it was a perfect fit! To create drawers for holding laundry items, I glued cardboard together to form boxes and Mod Podged a “burlap” paper to them. The AG litter container fits perfectly in the middle. The Hubs made two floating shelves for the room and I think they may be one of my most favorite things he’s made for the dollhouse. I printed out laundry graphics and framed them to set on the shelves along with some clothes pins (Dollar Tree) and a scoop for detergent.

Hubs made a countertop to add to the top of the washer and dryer. I filled a little jar with salt and added a detergent label. I found a pink off-brand iron and painted it black and white so it would coordinate with the room. I also added a little plant and a basket to help fill in the counter.

When American Girl came out with the kitty litter box, I had to have it. As someone that has always had a cat in my life, I have always had a litter box. The laundry room was the perfect place to put it.

I hope you have enjoyed the tour and the latest addition to the dollhouse! Until next time, Happy Collecting!


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14 thoughts on “The Dollhouse Bathroom and Laundry Room

  1. Gorgeous !! I love all your delicate and feminine details in the bathroom, as well as the layout of the laundry room, pretty and practical, even with the cat’s litter box!
    I too had made a complete bathroom from the My Life As kit but I had taken advantage of the colors to make it very “toned” with matching scrapbook paper and “tiling” (you can see it here : but I’m sure my doll would have preferred a more girly bathroom like yours!
    Have a nice day 🙂

    • Thank you so much! I checked it out, and your bathroom is great too!👏🏽🩷I like teal but just needed everything to coordinate with the wallpaper!😉You make lovely doll scenes!

  2. I love seeing the progress. Beautiful job on both rooms. Any of my dolls (or I) would be thrilled to live in your dollhouse.

    • Thank you so much! Your are so sweet! I haven’t written a post for the sale yet and not sure if I will. I’ve gotten busy with work stuff… boo! 😂 If you follow me on Instagram I did four videos of my haul. I really appreciate you being here!❤

  3. I was right behind you several times at te sale and I did not want to bother you on Sunday so I missed you 😭😭

    • Oh my goodness! I so wish you would’ve said something! I would’ve loved meeting you!!!!

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