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    Welcome to Ella’s bedroom! Last summer my husband and I started a five-room doll house for the Truly Me dolls of my collection. I feel like it has taken forever to finish the top floor of the modern doll house but at last it’s done!


In my post American Girl Place Chicago I introduced you to Ella and Emma, my two Truly Me 61’s that I dress as twins. The modern doll house is Ella and Emma’s home and has two floors. The top floor consists of three rooms: Emma’s Bedroom, Ella’s Bedroom and a shared Walk-In Closet.


D76BB3DB-33CA-4078-B4F7-4D85DC434384As I started designing the twin’s bedrooms, I wanted them to have different themes and personalities as people do. I chose to create a personality for Emma’s room that is simple, clean and trendy. Ella’s room is more girly with color and whimsy but still classy. She loves music and her toys. She plays the flute for band, violin for orchestra and is learning to play the banjo for fun!



I love the look of board-and-batten! The hubs has done this in a couple of rooms in our own home. I wanted the same look for Ella’s room. It wasn’t easy doing it in a pint-sized version but he did a great job. 😀 He started with cutting 1×6 primed pine to form the walls and then attached lattice to it as the strips. These painted pine walls were then nailed onto the walls of the Pax.


The house shell is an IKEA Pax cabinet and is 93” tall but is laying on its side so we get a house that is nearly 8 feet long. Using two add-on shelves the hubs cut doorways and nailed them into place from the top and bottom. The doorway leads into the shared walk-in closet and continues on to Emma’s room. Ella’s room is 28” tall x 27” wide x 22 1/2” deep.

The flooring is a faux hardwood vinyl and the rug is a placemat. I used this Cricut vinyl  gray paper for the wall covering to mimic gray paint. The gold dot paper on the back wall is a very thick wrapping paper. I chose a gold locker light with dangling confetti-like circles to compliment the wallpaper. On the back wall I hung a photo frame that looked like a shadow box and placed Ella’s violin and bow in it. I printed out sheet music for the background.

The feathers are wooden cut-outs and just felt whimsical. I printed out the saying about music onto gold-embossed card stock and put it in a simple 4×6 photo frame. The opposite wall has a sunburst mirror and an E magnet hanging above the door. (Emma has one too.)



The bed is the American Girl Canopy Bed and I painted it navy blue (my favorite color 😉). I added Ella’s name to the foot board. All of the bedding was hand made by me.  I chose a printed fabric for the blanket and coordinating colored fabric for the pillows. I made a few spare pillows for the wall baskets in case friends come over to hang out.

The banjo stand is a small, clear plate stand from Hobby Lobby.



The nightstand is a craft box I painted navy and added pulls to. The working lamp is from the dollar store but I painted the ugly “shade” gold. The tray is a ring dish and on it are Ella’s banjo picks and girly items.

I found the gold baskets in the office supply section and hung them on the wall as storage baskets. In them are Ella’s Care Bears, extra pillows and her Tenney doll. Tenney is Ella’s favorite American Girl because she dreams of playing music professionally one day. Ella keeps a notebook near to write down inspiration for new songs.

I hope you have enjoyed Ella’s room! Now I need to get to work on the rest of their house! To see more rooms in the modern doll house, visit Emma’s Bedroom and Emma & Ella’s Walk-In Closet. To see the rooms decked out for Christmas visit Ella’s Room: Christmas Edition and Emma’s Room: Christmas Edition. 💗

12 thoughts on “Ella’s Bedroom

  1. I absolutely love it all! Every tiny detail is thought of and it just makes the room so realistic. The navy and berry color palette is perfect as well!

    • Thank you! ❤️ I’m really like those colors together but the pink kept slipping in so I embraced it! 😂

  2. Oh my goodness, Ella’s room is divine! I love the walls. My favorite houses are the Arts & Crafts bungalows. You have captured that with the wall design. I have been trying to figure out how to create a room which features that design. Thanks for the tips.

    This is absolutely a pretty, girly room.

    • Thank you! I’m glad it helps!
      I love those features too and we are slowly re-doing all of the woodwork in our home to give it more detail. ❤️

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