The Dollhouse Kitchen

 Let’s cook up some fun in the dollhouse kitchen! I love the latest kitchen set that American Girl created. It has so many cute functions including a fridge and an oven that light up and an ice maker that drops ice cubes! How adorable is that?! After purchasing the kitchen set during an online sale, I began creating its room in the modern dollhouse.

The space I call the modern dollhouse is two 93″ IKEA Pax’s stacked on their sides. I use the shelves that are purchased separately to act as the vertical walls and supports for the frame. The Hubs has cut doorways into the shelves to give the feeling that it is one continuous dollhouse. This dollhouse was created to be the home for two identical dolls I call the twins, Emma and Ella. My doll room has walls that begin to slant at five feet so I cannot stack a third PAX like I have in other areas of the room but I use the top to display my Girl of the Year Blaire’s collection and my TV.

To see details on the other rooms, visit Emma’s BedroomElla’s Bedroom and Emma & Ella’s Walk-In Closet and The Dollhouse Bathroom and Laundry Room. Now let’s get back to the kitchen.

The entire bottom floor of the dollhouse is a continuous faux hardwood peel-and-stick vinyl. As mentioned above, Hubs cut doorways into the walls for the laundry room and bathroom but for the wall that divides the kitchen from the future living room, he only shortened the wall. This way there is a divide but it feels more open. The kitchen is 32″ wide, 23″ deep and 29″ tall. For the gray wall color I used a roll of vinyl paper.

Purple is not really my ideal kitchen color and I did contemplate painting the cabinets but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it to a brand new set. I have no problem painting off brand furniture and will happily paint AG furniture if I already have the piece, find it damaged or I purchased it specifically with that purpose in mind. I did decide to cover up the loud, printed “backsplash” with a textured paper that reminded me of an old tin tile wall. The paper is only taped on so I can remove it if I decide to change the décor.

I felt like the kitchen needed more cabinetry so made a little hanging wall cabinet. I painted it purple in hopes of it matching the AG set but it didn’t turn out right, so I went with white. Under the hanging cabinet I placed a cart I picked up at Target for $5. The wood color was lighter than I wanted so I stained it to match the floating shelves I hung in the eating area. Since I loved the floating shelves that Hubs made for the Laundry Room so much, he made another set for the kitchen to display dishes. The chargers and plates I chose for the shelves are from Blaire’s Restaurant because the purple coordinated well with the cabinets.

When I was out shopping I found a pack of paper napkins that for some reason reminded me of the kitchen’s coloring. I liked the light purple and white floral pattern and bought them not knowing how exactly I would use them. I ended up deciding to frame pieces of the napkins as art in white frames. I also cut strips to use as runners on the side cart. 😉 For a rug, I used a placemat folded in half under the Tea Time Table and Chairs.

As I mentioned above, the American Girl kitchen has a lot a neat functions. All four of the burners make noises when something is placed on them, the oven lights up and a timer ticks and ends with a ding. The refrigerator lights up when the door opens and the ice dispenser drops cubes when the button is pushed. The set came with a few pieces of food but I have added other pieces and tiny “leftover” containers that hold loose food from other sets.

With the kitchen finished and the living room underway, I am almost finished with the modern dollhouse! Now I will be turning my focus to creating historical doll rooms again and am very excited to do so! Until next time, Happy Collecting!

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8 thoughts on “The Dollhouse Kitchen

  1. I found the purple a bit off putting. I love how you changed the backsplash. Makes it look more realistic and less purple.

  2. What a pretty kitchen, I would like to have the same (in my size, not that of the dolls!).
    Congratulations on this new layout for this modern dollhouse, everything is really beautiful and soft, very harmonious.
    Great idea for small floral frames.
    Me neither, I would not like to repaint new accessories, which is why I prefer to buy them used when it is with the intention of modifying them, whether in color or in bigger customization.
    Have a nice day 🙂

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