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   Welcome to Luciana’s bedroom! Luciana Vega was Girl of the Year (GOTY) in 2018. I purchased Luciana when she was first released but didn’t read her stories until I began creating her room a few months ago. Luciana has a cute story that revolves around her going to Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama. In her first book, Luciana is very confident and slightly impulsive when she arrives at camp. She doesn’t always follow the rules and after becoming leader of her group the Red Rovers, Luciana makes a bad decision and gets her team kicked out of the robot competition. After apologizing to her new friends, Luciana finds a way to make it right.❤️

Luciana’s room has two purposes for my collection, a place to display the doll and her items but also a room to display my 20+ year old Girl of Today bedroom furniture. When Luciana was released I knew that I would eventually incorporate the two collections into one room to create her space. Luciana’s bedroom is the third GOTY room I have created. To see the others, check out McKenna’s Bedroom and Isabelle’s Studio.


To create my dollhouses, I use IKEA Pax closet frames as the base cabinets. Luciana’s room is 36” wide, 29″ tall and 22.5″ deep. I determined the width of the room by the furniture I wanted to use. The big ticket item of Luciana’s collection was a Mars Habitat and did not interest me. It’s a really neat piece but it’s very large and I didn’t see myself getting much use out of it. Since Luciana did not have a bed or any furniture in her collection, I was excited to use the Star Armoire, Trundle Bed and Nightstand Set that was originally released in 2000 and retired in 2003. I also had the matching Room Décor Set with a moon shaped rug and floor lamp. The moon and star details in this set work perfectly for Luciana.

Once I determined the layout of the furniture, I laid the faux hardwood floors. I looked for an outer space themed wallpaper but the only thing that I liked was this galaxy scrapbook paper. I used gray Circuit vinyl as the “paint” color on the bottom half of the walls. The hubs cut base, crown and chair rail out of little trim and I painted it purple to match Luciana’s Maker Station.

For wall art I printed off four NASA shuttles and framed them in white frames to go above the bed. The “spaced out” wall hanging is from the dollar store. I wanted all frames to be white to help break up the darkness of the wallpaper.

In Luciana’s book, it mentions that she has space themed sheets. For her bedding I decided to use the reversible blanket that came with her telescope set. A couple of years ago, AG had a sale and clearanced the telescope sets that were left, so I purchased another to get a second blanket for the trundle bed. The star sheets are from the 2000 Bedding Set that was sold separately from the blue trundle bed.

On the nightstand I added an orange lamp and terrarium from the World By Us Community Center set. The watch, bookmark and space camp handbook are from Luciana’s collection. Around the room are three astronaut figures. The one on the maker station work table came with the gift shop bag that sits in the nightstand but the other two were my son’s. When my oldest was around 10, he went through an astronaut phase and we took him to NASA on vacation. It’s fun to incorporate pieces from my own children into the rooms.😊


The armoire is able to hold all of Luciana’s clothes, including her space helmet. It’s a great way store this piece since it is so bulky! 😉 On the inside doors, I added a space poster, a photo of Luciana and her certificate from Space Camp.


I found the Maker Station secondhand but it was missing several pieces so I filled it in with what I had. Hopefully I will find the missing items later on. On the top of the station I added more of Luciana’s accessories, the other astronaut from my son and a potted plant. The plant came in a terracotta pot that I spray painted silver.

I hope you have enjoyed Luciana’s new room, she certainly is! To see more of my doll house visit these posts: Kit’s Attic BedroomMolly’s Bedroom, Julie’s Room, Maryellen’s Diner and Kit’s Kitchen. Happy collecting friends!❤️

12 thoughts on “Luciana’s Room

  1. I absolutely love this room combining Luciana’s collection and the amazing bedroom set. It all looks do wonderful together.😍🥰
    Thea, from @bluecanoegirls

    • I’m so happy to hear this!❤️And I can finally say, Yes! A post on Felicity’s bedroom will be coming in the next few weeks.❤️

  2. I love it.Im making an Indiana jones doll room and i was wondering if you had any ideas on small accesories and where to find them.Thank you 🙂

    • Thank you! I look for accessories everywhere I go. Both Hobby Lobby and Michael’s have unfinished wood sections that have neat pieces to use as furniture. For accessories, I just look everywhere I go until I find the right pieces, that’s why some of my rooms take me so long to finish. 😉 Some of the neatest pieces are from thrift stores!

  3. looks good.Im doing am indiana jones doll room do you have any suggestions for wall color that look good with the dollls?

    • Thanks! That’s an interesting idea! The first thing that comes to mind is a light tan color with brown accents. Guess Indy’s clothes would be my inspiration. Have fun!

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