New Blog Category & Doll House Room Tours on YouTube

   The doll house rooms are now on YouTube! At the beginning of the year, I started a YouTube channel with the intention of posting tours of my doll house rooms. I did an un-boxing of Blaire’s Family Restaurant but didn’t get the room tours done this spring. Doll room remodeling got in the way, but now they’re up! Yay!

Do you have a favorite doll house room? Now you can take the tour and “walk” through! I have posted Emma’s Bedroom and Ella’s Bedroom. Next week I will add the Walk-In Closet and then post a historical room each week. As I reveal new rooms on the blog I will also make a tour for them. I hope to add doll repair tutorials and eventually walk you through my doll room. At Christmas I will do a Christmas tour of each room.

I would love it if you would give the videos a “Like” and subscribe to my channel. It is very encouraging to me when y’all respond to my efforts. It also helps me know what is interesting to you! Is there anything you would like to see me do as a video? If so, comment below! ❤ Check out the current tours by clicking the links below!

Emma’s Bedroom Tour

Ella’s Bedroom Tour   

Walk-In-Closet Tour

Next week I will be adding a new section to the blog called Collection Close-Ups. I decided to create this section to look more closely at the pieces in my historical doll collection. Sometimes when I buy a new piece for my collection, I’m surprised to find that it is not what I had imagined it was from catalog photos. For example: Addy’s Needle Book is paper and I always thought it was made of material. I thought it might be helpful to look more closely at the amazing little replicas Pleasant Company made.

I know some collectors try to replicate items that are hard to find. If you are working on a doll house room, an up-close look at an item could inspire you or spark an idea for your space. A few months ago I shared some detailed photos of the fabric on a Kirsten dress to help a seamstress replicate it. She always thought the dress was solid pink by the catalog photos but a close-up photo revealed to her that the fabric has a small checked pattern.


I will group each doll’s collection into categories. Back in the day, Pleasant Company sold the items individually and in collections; Starter Collections, Sweet Dreams Collections and so on. I will break each doll’s complete collection into 4 separate posts so they don’t become to long or boring. We will also look at items such as the Scenes and Settings, Cookbooks and then eventually work our way into the modern dolls. I’m excited to share my collection in detail and hopefully it can help you too! Happy collecting!

Collection Close-Ups: Addy’s Starter Collection

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  1. I look forward to getting your blogs in my email…I learn so much and really enjoy it…thank you for taking the time to educate your followers!!

  2. I just saw this posting. I am a bit late. I will definitely watch the videos on Youtube tomorrow. Thanks for sharing your dolly world!

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