Mini Melody Winner!

   It’s time to announce the winner of the mini Melody doll!  This is the fourth giveaway and the biggest yet is coming next month! In November, Dandridge House Dolls will announce the giveaway of a full size 18” Historical Doll!!! 💗 I’m so excited to do this for my amazing subscribers!

So without further a-due, the winner! I assigned each email follower a number and placed those numbers in a random counter on the computer. The number it spit out was Subscriber 8, I contacted the winner through email.

The winner is…Kristin S. from Idaho. Kristin is a younger subscriber to the blog and she collects Minis! Congratulations Kristin! Your Mini Melody will be mailed to you soon!



2 thoughts on “Mini Melody Winner!

  1. Give Aways are so exciting! I think its wonderful that you nurture a love of history And a love of AG Dolls in younger people! Congratulations, Kristin!

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