The Doll’s Are Moving!

   The dolls are getting a new room! I’m so excited to get my own doll studio! I have been gently packing up each doll room (with the help of the dolls of course 😉) to move the dollhouses into my new space. (This is why I haven’t been revealing new dollhouse rooms, but I will again soon!) Previously my “doll room” was just an area that was shared with storage, but it was really more of a multipurpose area (aka junk room😜). Our basement is outdated and we are beginning to remodel. We are going to tear down walls and open up spaces that were previously closed off. The new doll room will be all mine and I can’t wait!

My new doll studio is 17 feet wide by 27 feet long, with the exception of the furnace and hot water heater at one end. We are going to frame that in separately from the doll space. The room needs lots of lighting because it doesn’t have any windows.  I have a very limited budget for the room so we’ll have to get creative but I am so excited to finally have a space for everything.


Currently, my project table is very small and always covered in doll parts. If I want to work on a project I have to get everything out and work at the kitchen table and then put it away when I’m done. Besides dolls I have craft supplies, tools for doll repair, photography lights, backdrops and tons of little items to use as props not to mention the doll clothes and furniture.


Currently I use bookshelves for my doll clothes storage. I have the Pleasant Company trunks  for most all of the older dolls and keep their clothing and collection pieces in them. For overflow and duplicates or dolls that didn’t have trunks in their collections, I use small bins and label them with pictures of the character.

I also use a similar system to organize my doll body parts and wigs. I’m planning on putting in a large work table with underneath storage for a doll repair area. It will be so nice to have an organized place for everything. (Maybe now I can stop scaring the hubs will doll heads and loose eyeballs in the kitchen.😂)

I plan on lining the walls with the dollhouses and place the work table in the center of the room. I also want to set up a permanent area for photo shoots. I originally started creating the dollhouse rooms to be displays for my historical collection but I have way more dolls than rooms. I definitely need a large display area for my customs, white bodies and modern dolls. I’m not sure how I want the displays to look or how to display all of the dolls. They currently stand on bookshelves packed so tightly together, they are hard to see. The dollhouses will take up the majority of all wall space, so it will be a challenge getting a dedicated area in for all of the different things I want to do but planning is part of the fun!

If you have ideas for my studio or displays, post a comment below or reach out through the contact page! I’d love to hear your thoughts! Happy collecting! ❤️

8 thoughts on “The Doll’s Are Moving!

  1. I love the idea of using photos to identify which bin belongs to which doll! Such a nice little touch! Can’t wait to see how your new space turns out!

    • Thanks! I just googled the character and printed it. Hopefully it won’t take to long to finish the room!

  2. Those doll room measurements seem ginormous and yet in my experience there is never enough room! 😉 I get the thrill of having a dedicated space for your collection and accessories. Looking forward to seeing your progress!

    • I thought it seemed huge too when I measured, but those dollhouses are so big. Several are 8 feet long, so we shall see! Thanks for following along!

  3. So happy for you to have this doll room! It sounds so expansive, but we all know how easy it is to fill up space!
    I don’t know your circumstances with relation to flooding, but I am so glad to know I have a sump pump near the room where much of my doll supplies, etc., are located. It is a certain peace of mind and I hope either you have done this, or are comfortable knowing you will never have flooding/backed up sewers. I don’t mean to scare you, but having read of others returning to flooded homes – I hope you will never experience this.
    Enjoy your “move” and it will be a pleasure to see what you have accomplished ~ All the best to you and your family!

    • Thank you for this advice Carol! Yes, water damage would be terrible and I feel so bad for those that have had to go through it.
      Thank you for the kind words! 😊

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