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   Are you ready for another doll giveaway? On May 30th the blog will be one year old! I am so very excited that you all have come along with me on my doll adventure! In the 11 months since I established the blog, I have published 46 posts that have been viewed 11,160 times by visitors from 44 countries. I’ve traveled over 5,100 miles (round trip) for the Tiny Travels section and have had so much fun! So it’s time to celebrate!


Last year at the MCM Benefit ~ American Girl Doll Sale, I purchased an Addy doll to giveaway here on the blog! She is brand new AG overstock and comes wearing her beautiful blue Meet dress! She is loose in the box and has a tiny x on her bum. To read more about dolls from the sale, visit the post.

For past giveaways I have assigned all email subscribers a number. I put those numbers in a random counter on the computer. This giveaway is different, to win Addy you must participate!


To celebrate the blogs 1st birthday, I thought it would be fun for subscribers to submit guesses of the top 5 Dandridge House Doll’s blog posts. Which DHD posts do think are the most visited? Number your guesses from 1-5 in order of most visited and submit them by email at I will respond to your guess and let you know I have received it. (Please allow two days for a response.) DO NOT post your guess in the comments below, but please feel free to leave a comment!

As of today, there are 47 posts, if anyone can get the top 5 in order correctly, you win! If more than one person guesses correctly, I will place those participants in a random counter and will draw a winner. If no one gets it exactly correct, I will draw from the 3 closest entries.

Here’s some things to remember when guessing. Some of my posts are visited daily and others are visited occasionally. Some posts have been on the blog since the beginning and others are more recent, the longer a post has been on the blog the more chances it has had to be seen, but not every post was popular. Some posts became immediate hits and others never really got traction. Think of which posts are your favorites and why, chances are other people like them too!  Blog visitors come through the emailed link, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Google search. Think about what people might search that would lead them to DHD!


WordPress lets me keep track of all statistics on the posts, including all daily visits. As people continue to visit posts, the numbers will rise and change. I will take a screen shot of the stats page today (5/9) and will post it on May 30th when I announce the winner, so you can see how your guesses ranked. The Home (Welcome to Dandridge House) and the About Me pages, are not blog posts, so do not include them in your guess.

Not a subscriber? It’s simple to sign up! Just enter your email and hit the follow button. A confirmation email will come to your inbox and just hit confirm. It’s that easy! Concerned I’ll flood your inbox? I post once a week and I will never give out your email to anyone.

The Rules ~

  1. You MUST be an EMAIL subscriber! Your entry MUST come to me from the subscribing email account or I will disregard it.
  2. Participants must be 18 years old or 13 years old with a guardian’s permission, because I will be asking for a mailing address.
  3. This Giveaway is open to ALL subscribers, including our international friends!!! (If international shipping exceeds $35, you can pay the difference through PayPal or I will move on to second place.)
  4. The Giveaway starts now and ends on Thursday, May 30, 2019.
  5. This giveaway has nothing to do with the American Girl brand, MCM Benefit Sale or Mattel Company. I purchased this doll myself to give to a subscriber. Good Luck!😁



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