1st Anniversary Giveaway

   Today is the blog’s first anniversary! On this day last year I published my first post and wondered if anyone would ever read it. The blog had a slower start than I had hoped but I’m so appreciative to all of you that have kept following and reading along! Truly, I love you guys!

I did not accomplish all of my one year goals and freaked out about that for a moment! 😂 But I’m here and will keep trying! I had hoped to post faithfully every week and reveal a dollhouse room every month in 2019 but life happens! I am hoping to catch up this summer and just overload you with Living Little goodness! Also, a new category will be popping up in the next few weeks and it will be so much fun!


The girls are having a 1st Anniversary Party!

I know everyone is anxiously awaiting the Addy Doll Giveaway results so let’s get to it! As I told everyone I would, I screenshot the blog post status page on the day I posted the Giveaway details. You can see the date and time in the photo. Dandridge House Dolls top five posts are all in the Living Little category and are the 5 rooms that have been on the blog the longest. Since Kirsten’s Cabin and Emma’s Bedroom debuted they have been viewed every single day at least once. Emma’s Bedroom has been pinned thousands of times on Pinterest and according the Pinterest stats page has made over 31,000 “impressions” in the last 90 days. Obviously they are not all visiting the blog, but Pinterest has become the number one referrer followed by Facebook, Instagram and Google in that order.


No one guessed correctly but almost everyone included Emma’s Bedroom and Addy’s Parlor in their entry. Two people guessed those and added Kirsten’s Cabin to their guesses but not in the correct order. So the top three entries belong to the two subscribers that guessed 3 and the only subscriber that had their 2 in the right order. I numbered the top three entries in order according to the dates they sent me their guesses and they are:726F66D8-B81B-4D4A-AA93-E4CFA13B5443

  1. Alise A.
  2. Crystal P.
  3. Theresa D.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         The random counter on the computer chose #1 so Alise A. you are the winner of the Addy Doll! Congratulations! Please email me your address!


Thank you to everyone that participated. I had a lot of fun seeing all of your guesses! In 7 weeks I will be heading to the MCM Benefit ~ American Girl Doll Sale and will find wonderful goodies to give away. I absolutely love doing giveaways and sharing the items I collect with you all.




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