MCM Sale 2019

   I had so much fun this year at the 2019 MCM Sale! If you don’t know what the MCM Sale is, visit last years post for details. MCM Benefit ~ American Girl Doll Sale. Now let’s get to it!

This year the sale was held on July 20th and 21st. It was miserably HOT! My tickets were for 12:30 pm. Early Saturday morning I was coming out of my hotel and saw a lady carrying a Molly Costco box set. I was so excited because this was one of the main things I was hoping for but had not been listed on the price list. I stopped her and ask if there were very many left and she said there weren’t very many at all. Her comment struck fear in my heart! 😂 I grabbed hubby and off we went to the sale! I went to the ticket booth and asked if they had any early tickets someone turned in. (If you are not going to use your ticket you can donate it back to the sale and someone else can buy it, but no refunds on tickets.) They did!!! The lady said you can buy a ticket and walk right in because the ticket’s time slot has already passed. I ran right in and grabbed Molly! YAY! I’ve wanted one ever since I heard a rumor that Molly might be re-released, but when they came out they were a Costco exclusive. She was $100 and came with her Accessories Set and Pajamas. She originally sold at Costco for $130.

I was literally melting because of the heat. Sweat was dripping off my nose. Since Hubby couldn’t go in without a ticket, and he’s my pack horse 😉, I couldn’t carry much. So I got Molly, a Wellie Wisher for my friend and then went to check out the Truly Me dolls. I have wanted Truly Me 78, 79 and 80 since their recent release but assumed they wouldn’t be there because they are so new. All three were there but in limited quantities. (80 was sold out when I went back in with my later ticket) I am very picky when choosing dolls and it takes me awhile to examine each one but eventually I picked out my perfect girls. They were $55 each.


I left the sale and cooled down in the air conditioning. Hubby and I grabbed lunch before heading back to the sale. Even though the tickets were for 12:30, the sale was running behind and we didn’t get to enter until 1:45. This time I had Hubby to carry everything so I bought books. 😂 All books were $2 and 3 book sets were $5. I picked out some mysteries I didn’t have and grabbed some extra gifts. I was hoping to get lots of outfits for all my girls but the clothes were priced comparabley to the AG store. One outfit was higher than it is currently on the AG website. I did pick up Christmas dresses and Pajamas for the twins. The dresses were $10 (the same price online) and the pajamas were $6.


MCM Saturday Haul

I then stood in line and searched for the perfect (for me) CYO doll. CYO’s are Create Your Own dolls that you get to completely customize and order. They cost $200 and come with a marked foot that says “One of a Kind”. Their outfits are also exclusive to the line. The sale had a little over 250 CYO dolls. They posted each dolls picture with a number online the night before. You were supposed to make a list of the dolls you wanted in the order you wanted them and a worker would check to see if it was still available. When it was my turn I started giving the lady my numbers. She kept saying “nope” on each one. Then she said ” wait, what was the first number you gave me?”. My very first choice was there! I was so excited! The CYO dolls were $120. I know I wasn’t the person that created her, but if I were making one she would be very similar. She was even dressed in the exclusive outfit I would have chosen. I am very tickled with her!

On Sunday, markdown day, the sale began at 7 am instead of 8 am as it has in the past. My tickets were for 8 am. I bought the Costco Kit Doll set because I had wanted it the day before but there were pallets of them so I thought I could hold out for cheaper prices. 😉 I have a classic older Kit but wanted the BeForever version too. Y’all know how I like to have every version.😂

A lot of items were sold out before I was able to go in on both days. I was hoping for another CYO doll (marked down) but they were still $120. The Truly Me dolls were marked down to $40! I couldn’t pass that up 😂 and added 67 and 27 to the collection. Tenney was also $40 so I bought one to customize.


MCM Sunday Haul

On day one my haul totaled $427 before tax on the items you see. If I would have bought these items at AG it would have been $773. Day two was even bigger savings with my purchase being $189 vs $501 retail. I did buy duplicates of some of the items but I’m only picturing what I bought for myself. I bought new things to give away on the blog this upcoming year. 😘

The sale also has vendors outside of the warehouse. I ended up buying a lot of retired Pleasant Company items from them. One of the coolest things of the trip was getting to meet a couple of blog subscribers and some fellow AGIG’ers. It was so much fun! So there you have it, great fun, great savings! 😊

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  1. Congrats on a great haul!! I can’t wait to see what you have in store for all of your new dolls!

  2. Great choices!! Your new CYO is especially pretty. I’ll most likely never get to go myself, but I love to see photos of the sale and what people get anyways!

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