Dandridge House Update

   Hey everyone! I hope this post finds you well. I’m sure everyone reading this has had their lives changed and their “normal” disrupted in the past couple of months. I have only posted a couple of times since COVID-19 turned the world topsy-turvy and I wanted to touch base with y’all.

AB14DE70-9046-4E33-8B8A-CF4A07300F03I don’t know about you, but I was having severe Hobby Lobby withdrawals! 😂 Normally, I visit Hobby Lobby twice a week so this lack of access to craft supplies has been difficult. I had all this time to craft but seemed to always be just one item short on any project I started. I had two dollhouse rooms (I was planning on revealing them as my April and May room reveals) that were so close to being finished but each needed a little something and I couldn’t complete them. On the bright side, not spending at Hobby Lobby gave me more money to spend during the American Girl online sale at the beginning of the month. 😉

201D04D6-9781-4714-BB91-097A24392A6FOur house remodel also had to slow down since we couldn’t get certain pieces we needed so we’ve been spending a lot of time doing yard work. A few weeks ago a severe storm came through and we had baseball sized hail. No joke! It destroyed our roof, gutters, deck, shed, fence and totaled one vehicle. The insurance company has estimated $45,000 in damage to our property (not counting the vehicle). Then the next rain storm brought water into the holes on the roof and ruined our garage sheet-rock. We were very blessed because nothing was destroyed that couldn’t be replaced but it has occupied a lot of our time and energy.


On the bright side, the lack of people out and about have made outdoor doll photoshoots a lot of fun! Hubs bought me a new camera for Christmas and I have had time to take it out and play around. All of the pics in this post are from photoshoots during quarantine. I’ve also been trying some flat lays and accessory close-ups indoors.

The hubs and I are proud parents of a 2020 Senior. Our oldest child has graduated high school during this crazy senior year. We are planning a reception for him in June to receive his diploma, celebrate him and his accomplishments.

During the first couple of weeks of quarantine, I had a lot of doll time and spent it organizing the doll room and completing doll repair projects. As the days turned to weeks and now months I completely lost my groove and other things with more importance took my time. I’m working on new posts and trying to get back on track. I’m currently working on a new doll repair tutorial, a collection close-up and Samantha Through the Years. 😊 Until next time, Happy Collecting!



10 thoughts on “Dandridge House Update

  1. I love the photos, especially the first one! I also can’t wait for the Samantha through the years. She is definitely my favorite!

  2. Appreciate the update and hearing that you are well. Your photography looks great. Congrats to your son on Graduation! Looking forward to seeing the rooms whenever you are able to complete them. Also the Samantha through the years post. 🙂

    • Thank you! ❤️ I’m looking forward to completing them too! Thanks for following along! 😘

  3. Congratulations on your son’s graduation. That is definitely a milestone.

    So sorry about your house. I hope the repairs can all be done swiftly.

    I like the photos you have posted. It looks like some of the dolls have “lost their heads.” I sure hope it’s only for a brief period of time (laugh).

    I look forward to future postings.

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