Kit’s Christmas Kitchen

   Let the baking begin! Kit has been hard at work getting Christmas treats made for all the boarders in the Kittredge home! To see the original post visit Kit’s Kitchen.


I really enjoyed getting to do this room because of the popularity of multicolored light in the 1930’s. My childhood Christmas tree always had multicolored lights so to me it’s just homey. I was able to go fairly cheap decorating this room and purchased a lot of it at the dollar store. The 18” tree, garland, bows and hooks (not visible) were all purchased at Dollar Tree and cost a total of $4. The garland comes 12 to a pack, and I wrapped a strand of red beads around it before hanging. I found teeny tiny hooks to hang the garland on and they are hidden by the bows.


I replaced the pictures of fruit in the frames with vintage Christmas card art from the time period. I changed the window scene out to a winter one and the original red curtains already matched.

Inside one of Kit’s cabinets is a glass chicken dish. I was so excited to find this one along with a pink one at a yard sale this past summer. It is originally a salt-cellar, but is the perfect size to be a doll dish! Salt-cellars are individual bowls for salt to set at each place setting on a dining table. The full-size “hen on nest” dish was very popular between 1890-1910 and during that time was used to package condiments for sale. (I don’t know about you, but I’d buy more mustard if it came in a beautiful chicken!😊) This is definitely a dish Kit’s mother would have had in her 1930’s kitchen because they remained popular for years and are still collectible in their many different forms.

Kit is busy getting the pies and cookies ready for Christmas Day! She listens to music and an announcement from President Roosevelt on the real-working American Girl radio while she bakes. I love the little glow it creates.

I bought real glass ornaments for the tree at Target and Micheals in hopes that they would look authentic to the 1930s. The tree skirt is from Hobby Lobby, everything was found in the tiny tree sections. I wrapped little jewelry gift boxes to be the packages under the tree.

Ruthie and Stirling are going to have a piece of pie early! Merry Christmas! To see more Dandridge House Doll Christmas rooms visit: Christmas in Maryellen’s Diner, Christmas in Kirsten’s Cabin Ella’s Room: Christmas Edition and Emma’s Room: Christmas Edition.

6 thoughts on “Kit’s Christmas Kitchen

  1. Love Kit’s kitchen! I want to move in. After we bought our house I seriously looked at kitchen appliances that are vintage on the out side but modern inside. The sticker shock meant modern inside and out. I still want a kitchen like Kit’s! Merry Christmas to Kit, Ruthie, and Stirling! 🎄♥️

  2. What a beautiful post! The pictures, the decorations, the memories of your childhood – thank you for sharing history thru your ‘world’! Merry Christmas! I look forward to another year with Dandridge House !!

  3. I love this so much! Your Stirling makes me want a Stirling some day-he’s so cute and finishes off the crew perfectly!

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