Rebecca’s Bedroom

   Welcome to Rebecca’s Bedroom! This sweet girl now has her own space to dream about becoming an actress! Rebecca’s room is very girly and very pink. In the post Samantha’s Bedroom I shared how I originally decorated her room with a pink-striped wallpaper but preferred it for a different doll that I felt it suited better. Rebecca is that girl and she has happily moved into the space. 😉

Rebecca’s Bedroom is the middle floor of a 78″ tall IKEA PAX cabinet. The room is 39″ wide, 22.5″ deep and 25″ tall. There are two identical sized “rooms” in the PAX; above is Samantha’s Bedroom and below is Rebecca’s Parlor.

Rebecca Rubin was the tenth historical character American Girl created and was released in 2009. As an adult, I read her books and fell in love with her character and story. Since Rebecca’s collection wasn’t something I dreamed about as a child, I didn’t have a style that I desperately wanted to see come to life like I did in Addy’s Bedroom nor will I collect every piece of her collection. I used photos of real 1914 bedrooms and the bedroom scene of Rebecca’s Paper Dolls for inspiration.

The flooring is a faux, dark hardwood peel-and-stick vinyl. The wallpaper is a very thick wrapping paper. (Wrapping paper is my favorite wall covering if I can find the right print.😁) I cut each piece to size and used spray glue to attach it to the walls. The hubs cut decorative trim to size for chair rail, crown molding and base that I painted white.

In her book series, Rebecca dreams of becoming a movie star and wants to follow in the footsteps of her actor cousin Max. On a special outing, Max takes Rebecca to a movie set and lets her dress up in the costumes. Rebecca’s Costume Trunk is displayed in the room and her costume is displayed on a dress form in the corner. I store hats and accessories from various outfits in the trunk for safe keeping. To see how I organize my doll clothes collection visit the post The Doll Room Closet.

Rebecca has some really neat pieces that I wanted to showcase. Her Russian nesting dolls and dominoes are my favorites. On one wall I added two 10 inch shelves that the hubs made from unfinished pine and arranged some of her pieces on them. I photo copied a picture of Rebecca’s cousin Max from her book series and glued it to a small frame. The decorative pink box is a pill box that I thought matched well. Underneath one shelf I added two hooks for her purses. One is her Meet purse and the other isn’t AG but works for the time period. The four movie posters on Rebecca’s walls are movies that were playing in 1914. I sized them, printed them off and glued them on her walls.

Rebecca’s beautiful pink bed with gold accents is in the center of the room. I placed a white with gold speck placemat under the bed for warmth. Rebecca’s chair from her Seashore Set is stored underneath the bed.

Awhile back I shared the deal I got on a bunch of My Life brand sewing sets from Walmart. (Christmas in Mrs. Ford’s Dress Shop  and Ella’s Room: Christmas Edition) I spray-painted one gold and am using it as a side table by Rebecca’s bed. The dress form in the corner is also from this set. On the table is Rebecca’s carousel, her book and her school notebook. Under the table is her school bag and slippers.

I placed two white picture frames on one wall as windows. I printed out a painting of early city apartment buildings and separated it into two pictures to be Rebecca’s street view from different angles. I glued a lace-like fabric to painted dowel rods as curtains. Sitting in between the windows is the vanity from Marie-Grace’s collection. Marie-Grace has a room in the dollhouse but it is not a bedroom so Rebecca is using her vanity, pitcher, perfume and towel. Also on the vanity is Rebecca’s brooch from her first Meet Accessories, and her curling iron and hair pick from her Hair Styling Set.

I hope you have enjoyed the tour of Rebecca’s room. I will make subtle changes as I slowly add items to my collection but I am really enjoying the room for now. Goodnight Rebecca, don’t stay up too late.

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  1. The room is so sweet. I love the idea of wrapping paper wallpaper. I really love the picture frame windows. I look forward to seeing what other touches you add to the room over time.

    • Thank you! Wrapping paper is great because the walls don’t have seams like they do when I use scrapbook paper. Thanks for the kind words. ❤️

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